Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today we got some goodies in the mail

Though I had to hide some of them from little eyes (Isabella!).  

We got two new bottles for Miss Calleigh (One a new brand to try, the other a spare of one she'll take begrudgingly)  Normally I wouldn't worry with bottles, but sometimes its necessary for her to stay with other people when we go ot the older girls appointments, so she needs to take breast milk in a bottle. 

So far, she does seem to be digging the Sweet Pea bottle. And I love the pea pod cover for it!  SO cute!

We also got some BOON utensils -- Benders. For Miss Calleigh. They are for her easter basket (Yep -- I'm pratical)

Then we got some Soy crayons for the older girls easter baskets. 

And  a BG AIO baby gift.  :)

Hope the other package with our easter goodies in it makes it in time.


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