Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

5 generations on my Daddy's side. How lucky are my girls that they get to know their great great grandmother?

As a sidenote -- She turned 93 the day after that picture was taken!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bento snack

Just a small snack for the girls we had today.

Left Side: cherry tomatoes, carrots, cheese stick

Right Side: goldfish crackers, hard boiled egg, kiwi berries


Wordless Wednesday -- Fun at the Museum


Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been a rough few weeks.

So much going on.

We got Calleigh's allergy RAST results in. We are now Corn Free (for her) and she was also borderline dairy, but so far dairy is not affecting her.

That meant quite a change in her snacks for the day (She used to love snacking on corn kernals)

We go back next week to check her weight and see if anythings changed, if not, we'll probably be looking at some more tests to find out what is going on there. She hasn't really gained anything since 6 months and she's flatlined on the growth chart.

I'm a little concerned, but trying not to be super worried. I've had small girls before.


3 little Bento's

Been a super busy week. Lots to update on, so little time.

Here's 3 lunches from this past week.

1st up is a school lunch for Caity.

She has on the left, orange container of Ranch dressing, Carrots, Grape tomatoes, half a cheese stick.
Right side: Dino chicken nuggets, a Colby Jack dino cheese cutout, and a mini fruit roll up.

That same day Izzie had this lunch (She wasn't feeling well, so it wasn't as full)

Top: Chicken nuggets, half a cheese stick, baby carrots, Hand cheese cutout.
Bottom: Cheeze Its, min fruit roll up, and she had a deviled egg too, but she ate it before I got a picture.

Yesterday's lunch for Caity.

Left Side: PB & strawberry fig jelly sandwich (heart shaped), Ausome fruit Apple Stick, some orange fruit nuggets
Right side: Baby carrots, added in ranch after the picture, Various crackers and cheese cutouts. Her initials C, E, and J, and some mini stars.

*She ate it all*

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