Monday, March 8, 2010

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Weekend.

It started Thursday about 2 a.m.  Caity came into my room, telling me she'd thrown up.  I told her to go back to her room and I'd come help her clean up and change.    She'd thrown up on the floor -- thankfully, so we got it cleaned up and got her clean and changed and she went right back to sleep.   Figuring it was a fluke, I headed back to bed too. 

She awoke 4 more times before 7 a.m. puking as well.  The bed, the floor, the living room, nothing escaped.  So. No school for her on Thursday.  NO leaving the house for me.  Friday she had a bit of fever, but not much puking, so we kept her home, took her in for a doctors note and prayed everyone else stayed healthy, as they had been.

Daddy left for out of town around 3.   Friday, we got home around 5:30ish.    10 minutes later, Isabella is puking.  That lasted through the night. More yucky laundry for me.   

 She spent most of Saturday not feeling very well and occasionally puking.   At lunch time, I opened the freezer to fix a quick frozen pizza for Caity and I, only to discover that everything in the freezer was thawed and WARM.  The fridge was cool -- but not COLD.  I took everything out of the fridge and put it into ice chests, called G to bring us some ice (thankfully she was able)  She did a drop and run so as not to catch teh pukeapalooza.    Then I called Papaw to see if he could help me figure out what was wrong.  Nothing worked. The fridge was dead.  So I called DH with the sad news that the fridge was dead and so was all the food we had stocked (JUST) the freezer with. 

Sunday afternoon, Izzie was better.   But Calleigh got it.  Thankfully not as bad as the older girls. And Luckily I have not caught it.   Dh came home and with him brought our new refridgerator.  It's a different brand and type!  And I'm still getting used to it.  I'm going to take pics of it soon.  I have to learn to embrace the new fridge LOL.


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