Friday, March 26, 2010

PSF -- When she was 6

Miss Caity wanted a Littlest Pet Shop cake for her birthday.  Of course, none of the local stores had any premade cakes or sold LPS decorations for cakes.  So my dear sweet big girl decided we needed to make our own.

Here she is!  Not too shabby to have been deocrated by a 6 year old huh!



  1. Not too shabby at all. It looks better than anything I've ever done!

  2. That is better than I could do. And I am 6X5+3 : )

  3. An EXCELLENT compromise and far better than any premade from a bakery!!

  4. She did a great job! My girls and I made a b-day cake for my hubby last weekend and after frosting it, we put 43(candle)1 to indicate 44 years old. We didn't have a 2nd 4 candle...
    I should've been thinking little pet shop... So cute!

  5. That is too funny. My daughter did the same thing with her cake last year. Here's the link to the pic -

    Thanks for stopping by! Newly following you! :)