Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Lifetouch Photographer

I received the brochure with the form to send back today for picture day. 

I just have 2 questions for you.

#1 -- Have you ever met a 5/6 year old kindergartner? 

#2 -- What makes you think that a 5/6 year old is going to POSE in a particular fashion for their school picture?

My daughter, the one you'll be snapping a pic of, yeah, she's known for her comedic antics while picture taking. Hands in teh face, turning her head, Loser sign on the forehead and who knows what all else.  And you expect that I can just pick an option and have you get her to do it. 

I will just be happy with a SEMI DECENT picture.  I don't care what pose she's in. 

BTW -- I chose the sullen, mad looking child with the arms across the chest pose because I figure its the closest one you'll get too. 

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