Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday -- Laundry Room

This weeks Tackle is the laundry room.   No before pics, but I'll post the afters tonight or tomorrow when I get a chance.

My Dearest DH, loves to help with laundry. Help by taking dirty clothes downstairs.  Only his vision of helping and mine. Well they are quite different.  My idea of him helping take laundry downstairs, would be carrying the full hamper downstairs and dividing it into the divider.

His idea.  Well it can go one of two ways depending on how "helpful" he's being.

1) He stands at the top of the stairs and dumps the hamper down them, so the clothes fall down to pile at the end of the stairs and some stay on teh stairs as you go down.

OR if he's being SUPER helpful

2) takes the hamper downstairs and dumps it in the laundry room floor.

So this weeks tackle was actually getting all the laundry into the laundry room and getting it sorted and laundry going.   I also had to clean up a fallen box from the storage shelf in the laundry room. I think a little girl, CAITLYN, knocked it over, but she's not admitting that! 

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