Monday, October 28, 2013

And so begins...... The Christmas crafting.

Yep You read that right. In between all the other stuff I have going on, I've got a list out to there with craftiness to finish by Christmas. Will it be done? It better be!

First up -- I am crafting a Barn/Stables for Miss Calleigh and her "Ponies". This includes her horsies and her my little ponies.

I'm working the little details now as I'm waiting to acquire somethings I need for the stables/barn. So first up -- Buckets. Every barn/stable needs buckets to haul feed/water/etc.

These beauties are made out of paper clips and juice lids.

Then a few Feed bags.... These were just sewn out of burlap and stuffed with polyfill

And a few bales of Hay. (I need to glue the twine around them, but I have to find it first LOL) made out of foam and burlap.

Next on my list is a feeding trough. But I'm still working out the design for that in my head.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Little Miss CMS

Bella got to live a Dream last week. She was selected as Little Miss CMS and got to walk with the court for homecoming. She presented the Queen with her flowers. Of course, this was an experience for Bella, who has always loved getting girly. She got to have her hair down, a pretty dress, new shoes. And hang out with the "Big kids" on the court. I think they enjoyed watching her as much as she enjoyed watching them.