Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update on the Little Miss....

Itty Bittie is doing well.

We had an all day long funfest at Children's yesterday.

First for our repeat VCUG. Which showed a grade 2 reflux on teh right side. Not good news, but certainly not as bad as Caity's, so I'll take it in stride (as if I have a choice)

Then all day at the Growth and Development office.

We did Bloodwork to check a few things and also see if she has celiacs.

Met with our nutritionist who put her on a polycrose powder supplement to increase calories. Along with other instructions.

I sort of feel like we were told to fatten her up like a spring pig-- No lie.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Sewing again.

I've been working this week on sewing again.

I made this for my new nephew. His daddy LOVES pirates. I have a third pirate fabric that I'm using to also make cloth balls/cubes for Baby E!



Folded over to show coordination.

Sorry for the not great pics, took with cell phone in low lighting.  Better pics to come when I finish the balls/cubes.


Things we are loving at 21 months old

Happy Baby Organic squeezy fruits/veggies

Our new Sunbaby diapers

I'm not even planning on trying to start potty learning with her until after Caity's surgery.  The squeezy foods are very helpful in getting the extra calories in her and I know its healthy/good for her and easily identified as allergen free for her. Which is very important.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flaunting the bump

It's funny to me, how each pregnancy changed me. With Caitlyn, I think we took like 5 total belly pics, and 2 of those were during holidays, so not planned.

with Isabella, I tried to take one every month.

And with Calleigh -- every two weeks.

So, in no particular order, Here's my bump progression. From Baby #1 to Baby #3.

And a few of my faves because it was the big girls loving the little

And don't you LOVE my PUPPPs belly? Yeah. It was atrocious. Worst part of pregnancy ever

Bella --



And With Caitlyn!

18 weeks

27 weeks

38 weeks


Girls in their new duds

Grandma T bought the girls some dresses with matching bows and flip flops (for the older girls)

Caitlyn with her ladybug outfit

Calleigh pretty in bright flowers

And Miss Bella in Zebra print!


Kiddo Updates

Caitlyn -- She passed 1st grade with 5 A's and 2 B's. She had one of the highest reading levels in her class! She's doing SO well. Especially for having missed so many days due to dr appts/visits. I'm so proud of her.

We are still doing the cath'ing right now. 5X a day. And will continue to do so until after surgery in July when we find out what Dr. Retik wants us to do.

Speaking of, we will be in Boston from July 18th through the 30th. Her surgery is scheduled for the 20th, which is a wednesday. Please keep us all in your prayers then. It's a bit scary for us all to see her go in for surgery. Even with all this these past 4 years, she's never had surgery. Also pray for the little girls as they will be left behind with their Nana the whole time we are there.

Isabella -- Miss Bella (as she has deemed herself) is doing wonderfully. she's doing well health wise. No seizure in over a year! She is getting so big.

She cannot wait to be spoiled by Nana this summer.

Calleigh -- We're still doing tests on the little miss. So far we have ruled out Cystic Fibrosis and thyroid problems. We will be doing another repeat VCUG to ensure she does not have the same Kidney issues as big sister.

All in all the girls are doing wonderfully. We are really looking forward to all kinds of fun this summer with our three blessings. also happy to report that Dom will be here to help out again this summer. The girls LOVE her so.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I am fighting for 13%

I've been asked, multiple times in the last few weeks, why we are going to take Caity back to Boston for this kidney surgery to save a measly 13% of kidney. After all, you can live with just one kidney.

13% may seem like nothing to most people. But to us, it is worth saving. It means our daughter can play sports if she so chooses.

It means that if we are ever in a car accident or other medical emergency, we don't have to worry about her being completely without kidneys. It means we don't have to worry about high blood pressure or other complications from one overworked kidney.

That 13% means everything to me. The least of which is that my baby could someday lead a normal life. A life without daily antibiotics, multiple pills, and catheterization multiple times a day.

13% is worth it. It's worth taking her across the country. It is worth the $1500 in plane tickets, the lodging costs, food, subway and any other expenses this trip brings. It is worth it because SHE is worth it. She deserves this. She deserves so much more than this.


Sweet Baby Boy Fix

was requested and who am I to deny family.

Isn't he adorable!  He's going to be 2 weeks old tomorrow.  I couldn't be a prouder Aunt. 

What are you looking at Daddy?

Napping with Daddy.  Isn't this the sweetest picture ever?

I have to admit. I only like this picture for the shoes!

Jared is SUCH a good daddy.

And Uncle Jordan does a good job too. Probably why he's the favorite.


Brithday Party Plans

Why Yes, I am crazy! Miss Calleigh turns 2 in August. TWO!

But with Caity's surgery in July, and knowing we'll be gone a minimum of 2 weeks, I've got to get this thing planned before we leave.

So..... Onward my crafty brain goes.

Our theme -- Garden Bugs (butterflys, ladybugs, bees, caterpillars, and who knows what else I come up with)  Getting Buggy!

The invitations -- will be homemade.  I'm trying to decide just how I want to do them. 

The Cake -- I think I might attempt fondant! *shock*  Right now, I'm planning a rectangular cake with bugs on it.  We'll see for sure as we get closer to time.

The Food -- All bug themed of course!  Ants on a log, ladybug pretzels,  "worm"-dogs, fruit kabob caterpillars,

The Goodie Bags -- Bug houses, mini magnifying glasses, Butterfly trail mix goodies, stickers, and anything else bug related I run across that I have to get.

I'll link up to tutorials as I post each thing.   If you have any more "Buggy" Ideas let me know! I can't wait to incorporate all my ideas into a special party for such a special girl.


Wordless Wednesday -- Hopeful that its only temporary

*That is most of our 1 month supply*


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Because I can't get over just how sweet and cute and fun it is with a newborn in the bunch again.

And its a BOY! so a bit different. :D


Monday we took

The little Miss to ACH again.

This time for her repeat VCUG. She did okay for the test. Except for when she wouldn't pee for them. We waited her out for over an hour (they'd filled her bladder) and she WOULD. NOT. GO.

So we'll probably be repeating that. SIGH


Monday, June 6, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

He is here

Our family finally has a bit of extra testosterone help!

Baby Ethan arrived this afternoon.