Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little Easter egg hunting lesson from Calleigh

Calleigh enjoyed egg hunting a lot! 

This was our first round.  She'd found 5 eggs in comparison to her sisters 20.  Then she discovered something......

Hey Look, Caitlyn has a whole lot of eggs in her basket.

And she's not even paying attention to me, or them.

So I guess I'll grab me a few and go show off how many eggs I found

it was SO funny.  But I tell you, the real egg hunt the next day at church!  She was the EGG Queen and she didn't even cheat!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We fly out to Boston May 8th (less than two weeks away!)

Our appt is the 9th at 9 am to meet with Dr. Redik (Chief URO!). His assistant called yesterady and she was also scheduling some tests while we were there. We're planning to be home the 10th, but that all hinges on tests and what the doctor says.

I am so very thankful right now for all of our friends and family who have been generous with not only financial help, but offers to babysit, cards, texts, emails, little gifts in the mail. We are SO blessed.

Caitlyn is adjusting to the catheterizations well. I have her a prize bucket and she gets to pick a prize a day. That really makes her happy, and I think it lessens the trauma.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots of stuff done this weekend.

I got to turn on the sewing machine this weekend!

I worked on a few things, nothing major.

This dress for Calleigh

I still need to hem it (and I've since added straps) but she loves it :D

I started a blanket last night for a special little boy who's new to the world, but I haven't finished it yet or taken pics.

I also did some rearranging in the living room.  Moving furniture by myself probably wasn't the smartest thing I could have done! But its done and I love how it looks (for now!)

More crafts coming soon. 

The girls are doing wonderfully this week.  Calleigh is over her UTI, Caitlyn is adjusting to the Cath'ing, and Isabella, well she's just Bella!


Friday, April 15, 2011

A LOT of Changes, and some good news.

We started the Cath'ing process with Caitlyn. A week today. It is going okay, you'd be amazed how well she is adapting to it. I think the "prizes" help.

In a touch of good luck/happiness/answered prayers, however you wish to call it, we got her in to Boston Children's hospital for a second opinion. We fly out May 8th for her appt. the following monday. She has been scheduled to see the Chief or URO there.

Please keep sending the prayers/positive thoughts/whatever you've got that things go well in Boston and maybe we'll get some better news.

My heart is so full these days and I am feeling most blessed. Each day brings a new bit of relief. I have received many wonderful things from friends and family, not limited to physical gifts, but just calls/notes/emails etc as well.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I've been drowning my sorrows in crafting!

Here's a few recent projects I have finished. I have about 25 more in the works/planned. Yeah I'm keeping busy.

Isabella's PINK hairbow holder.  The lighting is off, its not really that dark.

I bought this fabric to make Ethan a Memory board for his nursery

Here's the diaper wreath my aunt and I made for baby Ethan. We'll hang it on the hospital door when he is born.

And I got some great deals of fabric this weekend for future projects.  Sneak Peeks.

These are going to be dresses for each of the girls. Pink stripes for Bella, Green stripes for Caity, and Dots for Calleigh.  I got all of the above for $3.47 -- It's about 8 yards total

Misc Fabrics I got really really cheap.  I have not decided what all it will be.

Got this for Bella!  I'm thinking it'll be a dress.

Lots of fleece for No sew blankets. Can you say Christmas gifts!!!  I'm going to teach my aunt how to make them too, some of this is hers.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Caitlyn's Status

As I posted last time, we had a busy few days last week.

Monday started with a renogram.

She had to lay REALLY still (without meds) for about 30 minutes for the scan.

This was the view on one of the machines during the scan.

This was the view on the computer monitor.

Another view from the machine.

As you can see (or I hope you can), we are down to One kidney.  The good kidney is functioning at 87%.  

Then we moved on for the MRI.  Poor girly was SO hungry by the time we got to the MRI, but she was a super trooper through it all!

Still out of it after MRI

When she got out, she was easily awakened and very hungry and thirsty. She drank down a whole sprite very fast, and ate some graham crackers. 

Then we got to leave in style
ACH Wagon ride!

After the tests were over, she wanted to go to Chick Fil A,  where she ate A LOT. Then she got some ice cream.

Tuesday, we headed back up to ACH, and met with her URO and the URO nurse Practicioner.  It was not good news.  We were told that the kidney was in fact gone.  But on top of that she has some other serious issues and surgery is not an option right now.  Instead, we will be having to Cath her 5x a day, every day. 


We were productive this weekend

Dh did most of the manual labor. It was a horrible week (details on that in another post) I had my SIL's baby shower saturday. While I was gone for that DH and Isabella did some work on the front yard. We haven't done much landscaping since we moved in, too busy on other projects.

First up was the old flower bed. DH took out my rose bush (its still alive, we'll replant it) to extend the garden area.  Last year we grew our tomatoes here and it worked out great!

Then he made around the big tree up front look good.  We won't be planting anything around it, but it certainly looks better tahn it did.

And Last, we made another flower bed, around the old well house.  The girls helped me plant some wild flowers there.  We'll see if they grow or not.