Friday, March 5, 2010


You are THREE years old!  

  • You are potty trained.  (well, for the most part)
  • You know tons of words and speak in full sentences.
  • You Adore your big sister and your baby sister. 
  • You have a curly mop just like your big sister. 
  • You are blonde blonde blonde! 
  • Your favorite color is Pink. 
  • Your favorite foods are Mac & Cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and shepards pie. 
  • Your favorite fruit is oranges (the little mandarin ones) 
  • You LOVE to be outside. 
  • You can count to 15 without assistance.
  • You can say the alphabet. 
  • You make everyone laugh with some of your antics. 
  • You love Dora, Diego, and Max & Ruby (whom I can't stand) and also Thomas the Train and Chugginton. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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