Monday, March 8, 2010

It's never a good sign

When your pediatrician calls you at 20 minutes til 9 PM.  Dr. M finally got ALL of Izzie's lab results back from when the neuro had them run at Children's back in December.  Yes -- 3 months later.  Yet another reason to make it known that I HATE our neuro. 

Well apparantly there were several (she actually said A LOT) of things that were not registered at normal levels.  And we are being referred to a genetecist who will run some more tests and tell us more about her results.  She also told me that there were defenitely some metabolic issues at play.  We'll discuss more at our appointment.

Nothing quite like a late night freak out.  

But hey, maybe it means we are possibly one step closer to figuring all this mess out.

And on a good note, Her lead levels are Down quite a bit! 4.8 -- That's a far cry from 14.

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