Monday, June 28, 2010

I had a fun Girl's Weekend!

My big girls went to their Mamaw's Thursday and came home Sunday.  While they were gone, Calleigh and I had a girl's weekend with Aunt G and Jar Jar's new girlfriend.

Friday night we went to Dinner at Cojita's Mexican.  It was good food.  Calleigh enjoyed the rice and some of her own snacks.   Then we went back to G's and watched some True Blood! Something I'd never watch with my big girls with me.  Vampires are my weakness and I love the Sookie books. 

Saturday we got up, met up with Jennifer (Cayden's mom!)  and went to Mary's Nails.   We all got pedicures and got our nails painted in a cute Red/White/Blue design for the fourth!  Then we had lunch at Bleu Monkey grill.  Yum!  It was a good place.  Loved the Mac & Cheese balls and my pasta.  I got fettucine with chicken and sun dried tomatos.  YUM YUM YUM!  Then we went and had dessert at Dolce Gelato!  YUM Rocky Road Gelato.  I want more now! 

After that we did some shopping, Kroger, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Michael's.  Tried to stop at Mindy's but she wasn't home.

Yesterday was church.  Afterwards, we hit papaw's for lunch as usual, then home.  Big girls got in around 6.


A quick summer Haiku

Little girl trying
to walk all around her world
No more babies here.

It's true.  Miss Calleigh thinks that she needs to be on the go.  On two feet!  She is getting better at standing without assistance and she tries a step or too.  She'll be off soon enough. 


Friday, June 25, 2010

Today you are 10 months old!

Today you are 10 months old!  I can hardly believe it.

  • You are crusing along furniture and toys.  
  • You can walk behind a push toy
  • You are growing into such a sweet person 
  • You still love baked apples and green beans
  • You tried Chicken for the first time yesterday and LOVED it! 
  • You can wave hi/bye
  • You can say mama and dada and up
  • You love Weebles
  • You enjoy finger foods.  


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 7 years! Here's to many more


I love you and look forward to many many more years together.

You amaze me daily as we walk this journey together. We have had tough times, we have had amazing times. And through it all we learn more about each other every day. We know what we are made of.



Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend plans

Planning to be offline most of the weekend. Tonight, I'm not sure what we're gonna do. Big Sister went to stay at her Mamaw's until our picnic Sunday. So its just me and the littles tonight.

Tomorrow, DH has to mow the grass and I need to get out in the garden.

Sunday, we're going to cousin S & K's house for a Father's day picnic and some swimming. Big Fun!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little bit of craftiness.

I helped MIL come up with these as Prizes for her Church's Teen Camp coming up.

They are Coke Candy Floats

Included is a Coke (Dr. Pepper, or Mtn. Dew as well), and its topped with a variety of candy. Each one is a little different. But included are M&M's both plain and peanut, smarties, nerds, laffy taffy, sweet tarts, starburst, skittles, gobstoppers, tootsie rolls, tootsie roll pop (the cherry!) and a straw for looks.


I love my kids Imagination

The girls usually play well together, and often want to include baby sister. They are so fun to watch, because they have the greatest imagination. I caught them playing with a lot of the baby's things yesterday and the hilarity that it ensued was so funny.

This is not the baby's walker turned upside down, or her booster, or Izzie's tinker bell chair, nope. this is their "Sail boat" and they are searching the ocean for "dolaphants, and whales, and fishey wishies" For those that don't speak Izzie, a dolaphant is a dolphin.

More pics from today's fun posted on the 365 blog (which I'm working on updating)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

We didn't get much done this week due to a sick baby. But I did manage to get some work done in the babies room. Some actual decorating! I hung 4 small canvases on the wall above the crib. I'll upload some pics after I get Miss Crankypants back to bed. She's still not feeling 100%

For more Tackles, visit 5M4M


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Holiday Weekend

We had a great time over the long holiday weekend. I stayed offline a bunch just doing stuff.

Friday was Caitlyn's last day of school. My big girl is now officially a 1st grader! She came home with lots of cute stuff they'd done through the year.

Friday afternoon/evening we took the kids to the FLW fun zone at the convention center. They got to draw on some mugs, play in the bounce house, look at fish and also catch one. They released them back.

Saturday, we stopped in at the Fun Zone again, to get our Free Rod & Reels for the kids.  Then we headed to Antoine for the Cemetery Dinner.  Got to see lots of family.   We stopped at my grandmother's for a little while after that and the girls played in her big yard.

Sunday was church and lunch at Papaw's like usual.  And then yesterday, I worked on housework and laundry while the girls played in the water outside.