Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Kidney Post of 2012

I'll start with The little one! We met with Calleigh's URO here in AR and he gave her a clean bill of health! She is off daily abx and doing wonderfully! Now if only she'd potty train! Her kidneys look great and her reflux is all but gone! This is a good sign. Moving on to Caitlyn! we got the call last week that her UA was finally Clear of Protein! First time in 4 years! She's off abx completely. Still on the Ditripan 3x daily and Cath 3x weekly. But everything looks great! We'll go back to Boston in June for a checkup with her Uro. If all is well he'll stop cath totally!!!!!!! Photobucket

I'm getting a Sister (in law)

Guess who got engaged! My baby brother!
Congrats Jordan and Ginny! Love you guys! Photobucket