Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kiddo Updates

Caitlyn -- She passed 1st grade with 5 A's and 2 B's. She had one of the highest reading levels in her class! She's doing SO well. Especially for having missed so many days due to dr appts/visits. I'm so proud of her.

We are still doing the cath'ing right now. 5X a day. And will continue to do so until after surgery in July when we find out what Dr. Retik wants us to do.

Speaking of, we will be in Boston from July 18th through the 30th. Her surgery is scheduled for the 20th, which is a wednesday. Please keep us all in your prayers then. It's a bit scary for us all to see her go in for surgery. Even with all this these past 4 years, she's never had surgery. Also pray for the little girls as they will be left behind with their Nana the whole time we are there.

Isabella -- Miss Bella (as she has deemed herself) is doing wonderfully. she's doing well health wise. No seizure in over a year! She is getting so big.

She cannot wait to be spoiled by Nana this summer.

Calleigh -- We're still doing tests on the little miss. So far we have ruled out Cystic Fibrosis and thyroid problems. We will be doing another repeat VCUG to ensure she does not have the same Kidney issues as big sister.

All in all the girls are doing wonderfully. We are really looking forward to all kinds of fun this summer with our three blessings. also happy to report that Dom will be here to help out again this summer. The girls LOVE her so.


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