Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brithday Party Plans

Why Yes, I am crazy! Miss Calleigh turns 2 in August. TWO!

But with Caity's surgery in July, and knowing we'll be gone a minimum of 2 weeks, I've got to get this thing planned before we leave.

So..... Onward my crafty brain goes.

Our theme -- Garden Bugs (butterflys, ladybugs, bees, caterpillars, and who knows what else I come up with)  Getting Buggy!

The invitations -- will be homemade.  I'm trying to decide just how I want to do them. 

The Cake -- I think I might attempt fondant! *shock*  Right now, I'm planning a rectangular cake with bugs on it.  We'll see for sure as we get closer to time.

The Food -- All bug themed of course!  Ants on a log, ladybug pretzels,  "worm"-dogs, fruit kabob caterpillars,

The Goodie Bags -- Bug houses, mini magnifying glasses, Butterfly trail mix goodies, stickers, and anything else bug related I run across that I have to get.

I'll link up to tutorials as I post each thing.   If you have any more "Buggy" Ideas let me know! I can't wait to incorporate all my ideas into a special party for such a special girl.


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