Monday, April 4, 2011

We were productive this weekend

Dh did most of the manual labor. It was a horrible week (details on that in another post) I had my SIL's baby shower saturday. While I was gone for that DH and Isabella did some work on the front yard. We haven't done much landscaping since we moved in, too busy on other projects.

First up was the old flower bed. DH took out my rose bush (its still alive, we'll replant it) to extend the garden area.  Last year we grew our tomatoes here and it worked out great!

Then he made around the big tree up front look good.  We won't be planting anything around it, but it certainly looks better tahn it did.

And Last, we made another flower bed, around the old well house.  The girls helped me plant some wild flowers there.  We'll see if they grow or not.


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