Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I've been drowning my sorrows in crafting!

Here's a few recent projects I have finished. I have about 25 more in the works/planned. Yeah I'm keeping busy.

Isabella's PINK hairbow holder.  The lighting is off, its not really that dark.

I bought this fabric to make Ethan a Memory board for his nursery

Here's the diaper wreath my aunt and I made for baby Ethan. We'll hang it on the hospital door when he is born.

And I got some great deals of fabric this weekend for future projects.  Sneak Peeks.

These are going to be dresses for each of the girls. Pink stripes for Bella, Green stripes for Caity, and Dots for Calleigh.  I got all of the above for $3.47 -- It's about 8 yards total

Misc Fabrics I got really really cheap.  I have not decided what all it will be.

Got this for Bella!  I'm thinking it'll be a dress.

Lots of fleece for No sew blankets. Can you say Christmas gifts!!!  I'm going to teach my aunt how to make them too, some of this is hers.



  1. I'm going to be fabric hunting the next few weeks -- planning on making a few dresses for Ellie when I visit my mom in May. I *can* sew, but not like my mom . . . so I'm going to let her help/monitor/do it with me. :)