Monday, April 4, 2011

Caitlyn's Status

As I posted last time, we had a busy few days last week.

Monday started with a renogram.

She had to lay REALLY still (without meds) for about 30 minutes for the scan.

This was the view on one of the machines during the scan.

This was the view on the computer monitor.

Another view from the machine.

As you can see (or I hope you can), we are down to One kidney.  The good kidney is functioning at 87%.  

Then we moved on for the MRI.  Poor girly was SO hungry by the time we got to the MRI, but she was a super trooper through it all!

Still out of it after MRI

When she got out, she was easily awakened and very hungry and thirsty. She drank down a whole sprite very fast, and ate some graham crackers. 

Then we got to leave in style
ACH Wagon ride!

After the tests were over, she wanted to go to Chick Fil A,  where she ate A LOT. Then she got some ice cream.

Tuesday, we headed back up to ACH, and met with her URO and the URO nurse Practicioner.  It was not good news.  We were told that the kidney was in fact gone.  But on top of that she has some other serious issues and surgery is not an option right now.  Instead, we will be having to Cath her 5x a day, every day. 



  1. Still praying for you guys. {{hugs}}

  2. What a scary experience for all of you! She is clearly a super brave little girl.

    Thinking of you,