Friday, April 15, 2011

A LOT of Changes, and some good news.

We started the Cath'ing process with Caitlyn. A week today. It is going okay, you'd be amazed how well she is adapting to it. I think the "prizes" help.

In a touch of good luck/happiness/answered prayers, however you wish to call it, we got her in to Boston Children's hospital for a second opinion. We fly out May 8th for her appt. the following monday. She has been scheduled to see the Chief or URO there.

Please keep sending the prayers/positive thoughts/whatever you've got that things go well in Boston and maybe we'll get some better news.

My heart is so full these days and I am feeling most blessed. Each day brings a new bit of relief. I have received many wonderful things from friends and family, not limited to physical gifts, but just calls/notes/emails etc as well.


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