Friday, September 17, 2010

Pecko the Elephant (AKA Our Webkinz Jr. Party)

We were blessed to be given the opportunity to hos a Webkinz Jr. sponsored MommyParty. Thanks to MomSelect and Webkinz Jr. (Ganz)

If you've never heard of Webkinz Jr. you are in for a treat. Webkinz Jr. is an interactive game. With every Webkinz Jr. stuffed animal is a Pet Code to interact with that pet online in a fun game setting. The interactive stuff includes feeding, bathing, and putting the pet to bed as needed. But also playing games with your pet, which in turn teaches your child while they play.

Isabella LOVES the game where you collect acorns as they are falling. It tells you to collect a certain number of acorns and then you are done! It's a great fun way to learn counting.

Webkinz Jr. is designed for ages 3-6.

We hosted our party over Labor day weekend, the same weekend we hosted Calleigh's 1st birthday party! The older kids were thrilled to be included in something as fun as Webkinz Jr. while the baby got to play with her new gifts.

Each child who came recieved the following A Webkinz Jr bag, a Webkinz Jr (5 different varieties), a coloring book, a CD, sticker sheet, info sheet, and 5 trial code cards to hand out to friends.

We also received two craft items. One was beads and string to make bracelets/necklaces. The other was paper bags and construction paper to make paper bag puppets.

We divided the day up into the different parts of the event. Crafts, intro to Webkinz jr, snacks, and then the dispursement of the "goody" bags. Then we let the kids take turns playing the game on the computers. We had two laptops and one desktop computer set up for the kids.

We were sent a short DVD to introduce the kids and parents to the Webkinz Jr. World!

The kids LOVED the crafts a lot. Each one did something different and enjoyed having the opportunity to create to their whims. We had bracelets and necklaces. Some kids used the beads to glue to their paper bag puppets. 

The kids enjoyed watching the games being played and they enjoyed playing their turn. We had a little technical difficulties when our internet went down during the party due to storms, but all of the parents report that they were able to set up their accounts/child accounts once home without problems.

Webkinz Jr. is a wonderful online world and it was easily maneuvered by both my 3 and 6 year old and the other kids.  I think that it makes a lovely addition to other educational activities online.

*Disclosure. We were sent 10 gift sets for the party, plus the Intro DVD, and craft items by Ganz. All words here are my own and I was not paid anything for them.


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