Friday, October 8, 2010

3 little Bento's

Been a super busy week. Lots to update on, so little time.

Here's 3 lunches from this past week.

1st up is a school lunch for Caity.

She has on the left, orange container of Ranch dressing, Carrots, Grape tomatoes, half a cheese stick.
Right side: Dino chicken nuggets, a Colby Jack dino cheese cutout, and a mini fruit roll up.

That same day Izzie had this lunch (She wasn't feeling well, so it wasn't as full)

Top: Chicken nuggets, half a cheese stick, baby carrots, Hand cheese cutout.
Bottom: Cheeze Its, min fruit roll up, and she had a deviled egg too, but she ate it before I got a picture.

Yesterday's lunch for Caity.

Left Side: PB & strawberry fig jelly sandwich (heart shaped), Ausome fruit Apple Stick, some orange fruit nuggets
Right side: Baby carrots, added in ranch after the picture, Various crackers and cheese cutouts. Her initials C, E, and J, and some mini stars.

*She ate it all*

For more fun lunches check out Shannon's What's for lunch


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