Friday, September 17, 2010

YAY! More food posts.

I finally found my camera cord! YAY.

So Here's a few lunches to share

This one was from last week, It's Miss Caity's in her favorite Little Mermaid container

Inside the box. Top teir, PB crackers, 4 Chicken nugggets, Chese Butterfly

Bottome tier: Pickle, tomato (garden fresh), Cheese stick, cheerios.

In her LPS funtainer she had strawberry milk.

She ate it all.

Yesterday's Bentos

All three closed up.

Caity's Bento

Left side:
Chedder whales, pickles (cut to fit) and applesauce in orange container.

Right Side:
Italian Chicken and potatoes

She also decided to take a hard boiled egg.

Izzie's Bento

Right side Rice, little butter,
Left side Italian chicken and taters.

She insisted on the rice and I don't argue with her

Calleigh's Bento!

Top of turtle -- Italian Chicken and taters, chopped smaller.
Bottom -- rice with butter, green beans

Green side dish Banana yogurt

Two full funtainers of milk today.

Hello Kitty was used by Izzie, and LPS by Caity. We love funtainers. WE have 3 total, and I want at least 3 more!

The baby got a small cup of coconut milk and she still nurses of course.

Sharing this post with Shannon for What's for lunch, Wednesday! 


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  1. I just bought a big jar of pickles from Costco! So perfect paired with deli sandwiches!