Friday, July 2, 2010

Been busy crafting!

I've been working on tons of stuff lately. First off, Miss Calleigh's 1st birthday is coming up (less than 2 months, how did that happen!) and we're probably going to end up with 2 parties for her.

The theme for the party(ies). Why Caterpillars, of course. What else would suit our little Calleigh-pillar?

For those that don't know us well, we have had a theme with our girls and bugs. With our oldest, she used to make the cutest noises when she was a baby, and they reminded DH and I of bugs (Katydid's to be exact), so she donned the nickname Caitybug, which later became associated with Ladybugs [I don't remember who started that]. So when Miss Isabella joined the ranks, we had to have a cute buggy name for her, and Izzie Bee (busy bee) seemed to fit the bill! When we were pregnant with Miss Calleigh, Caity was the one who said that she needed to be Calleigh pillar. Fun story there, For the longest time that's what Caity called caterpillars.

Anyways, back to the crafting.

I made Calleigh's birthday shirt (and a few others that are gifts for her!)

This adorable little snail. A mixture of techniques.

And I also did an initial shirt, but its not dry yet so no pics. I've got three others that I'm in the process of finishing.

Being the 3rd girl, she doesn't really need much for her birthday so I decided to just get crafty for her! She won't care.


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