Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Moments

9 o'clock.


Little girls running around.

Chasing daddy.

With Pop-its.




It's little moments like these that I adore.

Bedtime around here is normally 8-8:30 for the littles. Last night however, Daddy let them stay up a little bit and instead of watching a movie, or tv, or playing the wii. We went outside. Caity found a couple boxes of the pop its leftover from 4th of July and decided to try to get Daddy, who was collecting the ones that she didn't pop (didn't throw hard enough) and tossing them back. Then Isabella joined in the fun.

By the end of the pop its (6 packages, so roughly 300 snaps) all 4 of us were full of giggles, and smiles, and ready to go to bed.

Yeah its these little moments that make my heart soar.

How did you spend your last night of the weekend!


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