Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 --

I am hopeful that 2012 will be full of GREAT things!

3 things I've requested of 2012

  • 2 Kidney Miracles (One for each of my kidney girls) 
  • Another seizure free  year (For Bella)
  • Weight gain for Calleigh -- I'd LOVE to hit 20lbs soon!
See, I'm not asking for much.

This year I look forward to bringing more organization into my life. I'm planning to accomplish this through many means.

First and foremost somethign I've been meaning to make for a long while is a household binder. This will be important in case anything medical comes up, its handy for other people to know all involved if I am unable to be home long term.

The girls are going to get fancy schmancy new chore charts and a new chore system in place. With rewards and consequences. Mostly for the bigger girls, but Calleigh will be included.

I'm instituting Mommy's Ransom box. From now on when I find toys/books/other items in my kitchen/living room/dining room/anywhere else they do not belong, i will be taking them ransom until a task is completed to earn them back. I'm hoping this will help with the reminding every 2 seconds that toys do not belong all over my house.

Decluttering BIG TIME in every area of home.

Jay will be finishing the shed OR he will find a second job to pay for paying someone to finish the shed.

We will get the downstairs finished and move caity down there. At that point. Each child's toys will be in their own room and they will each be responsible for their own rooms therefore, they better not let their sisters make huge messes in their rooms, since currently they like to blame their sisters for every mess and don't own up to any themselves.



  1. Are you going to make the chore charts? Remind me how old your girls are.

  2. I do plan on making their chore charts. They are almost 8, almost 5, and 2.