Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closing out the year...........

2011 was a year of serious ups and downs for us. But we muddled through as a family and in some things it made us stronger.
It defintely showed me what my family is made of. And how dear our friends are to us.

So many of you, people I only know from online, people I'll likely never meet in the real world prayed for my babies. Continue to pray for my babies. I'll never be able to express my complete heartfelt gratitude.

We had SO many things sent/given to us by local friends/family and even local strangers. Because of all of you, we were able to take Caity to Boston for her surgery. You gave us help spirtially, financially, emotionally, and you helped Caity with her boredom. Board games, coloring books, video games, books, toys, money. All of it meant SO much to us.

It is my goal in 2012 to offer to another family the same assistance as much as I possibly can. It is so rough having children with medical problems, especially when they appear healthy outwardly and most people do not understand what you go through.

And to all the other Kidney Mamas -- a big pat on the back. I know how hard you work and how little appreciation you get at times.


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