Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tackle It tuesday -- SCHOOL

This weeks tackle is school related!

I filled out all of the paperwork for Big C's school. And I also have been getting things ready for our homeschool preschool for Miss Isabella.

We are using many things as our "curriculum" including starfall, letter of the week, and a few non-internet sources.

Here's some of our stuff for the first 2 weeks. I won't start our actual work until after Labor day. And I plan to have at least the first 4 weeks worth of stuff printed out/organized and ready to go by then.




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. You have a lovely blog... congrats on your baby turning one! We are a homeschooling family, too and began our new year last week (my oldest is in 1st grade). Blessings on your endeavors!

  2. The paper work for the schools are such a pain. I think the schools should worry more about the kids that go to their school and leave ours alone.

    We are keeping it pretty basic here. DD is planning most of hers. Preping for Equine courses in a couple of yrs.

    DS just wants to get throug. Hopefully something will interest him.

    I miss the younger yrs. It was fun w/the projects.