Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Lunch!

Miss Caity ate lunch at school 3 days this week. So I only made her lunch two days. I forgot to snap a pic of yesterdays lunch. So today's will have to suffice.

She has  Homemade strawberry fig jelly on a tortilla, almonds, cinnamon pickles, corn nuggets, and hot dog (octo dogs as she requested) and a Yummy earth organic sucker for dessert.

Packed in a Sassy container 

Isabella has lunch (snack really) packed in my box.

Pink tier -- Strawberry fig jelly on a tortilla, cut up into smaller pieces.  Sucker for dessert.
White tier -- Pickle, almonds (and I added some cheerios this morning)

Linking up to Shannon's What's for Lunch

ETA:  Both girls took watermlon as a sidecar.

I'm trying to take pics of lunches every day, but sometimes I forget when mornings get too busy.


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