Friday, August 20, 2010

Schools Back in session

Miss Caity started back yesterday. Big Day for her! First day in First grade. She was super duper happy.

Back to school means something else to me, Lunches! Yes, I have to pack her lunch (she occasionally eats at the cafeteria).

So here are the lunches in our new awesome bento-ish containers from the Disney store! (3 for $12, can't beat that anywhere else local)This week is just leftovers and random stuff we had at home.  We just returned from vacation Wednesday night and I haven't been grocery shopping yet.

First Up is Caity's lunch in her Ariel container.

In the Top tier, we have an egg, a tomato (fresh from our vines) and some leftover chicken  (baked, not fried)

and In the lower tier, Broccoli and Rice. 

She also took a sidecar of teddy grahams.

Miss Isabella has a lovely Tinkerbell container.

In it, On the top is rice and an egg. Bottom is broccoli, fried okra, and a corn nugget.

and last is Miss Calleigh's.  Princess container (of Course)

It contains rice, broccoli and a few small pieces of fried okra (she loves okra)

P.S. Don't mind the rice on the babies highchair, it was actually a small spill when a certain 3 year old was helping me pack her lunch.


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  1. Adorable lunch boxes! I had no idea that the Disney store carries them. Danger, must not go to Disney store or I will risk buying even MORE bento boxes. :) I found you on the What's For Lunch Wednesdays Blog. Nice to meet another bento maker!