Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Holiday Weekend

We had a great time over the long holiday weekend. I stayed offline a bunch just doing stuff.

Friday was Caitlyn's last day of school. My big girl is now officially a 1st grader! She came home with lots of cute stuff they'd done through the year.

Friday afternoon/evening we took the kids to the FLW fun zone at the convention center. They got to draw on some mugs, play in the bounce house, look at fish and also catch one. They released them back.

Saturday, we stopped in at the Fun Zone again, to get our Free Rod & Reels for the kids.  Then we headed to Antoine for the Cemetery Dinner.  Got to see lots of family.   We stopped at my grandmother's for a little while after that and the girls played in her big yard.

Sunday was church and lunch at Papaw's like usual.  And then yesterday, I worked on housework and laundry while the girls played in the water outside.  



  1. Seems like a fun filled day.


  2. Offline weekends are so nice, especially when they involve new adventures with family. :)