Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We've been so busy lately.

Had a funeral last week out of town, so I was gone for 2 days. Calleigh has her 6 month checkup this week. She's got a cold or something, very very croupy, congested, and generally not feeling well. So I'm hoping for good news on that.

I'm trying to do better with the blogging, but some days I barely have time to eat, so it becomes a last on the priority list.

Quick updates on the girls.

Caitlyn -- Doing Wonderful in school. Seriously, she's just so SMART! She's getting to be such a big girl. We're working on tying shoes -- she's pretty much got the hang of it, but slips up some.

Isabella -- Doing better. She's still got some PTSD stuff going on from the seizure -- but we take it day by day and she's slowly creeping back to normal. Well normal for her. Still waiting on further testing stuff but for now the diagnosis seems to be epilepsy that is idiopathic in nature.

Calleigh -- So big! She's getting really LONG! She's in 3/6 month clothing now. She scoots along the floor, but isn't crawling yet. She loves to stand in the jumper and roll on the floor. She grabs at toys and plays well. She is teething. She loves cuddles. We've slowly started solids as she's shown major interest. She love love loves baked potato.

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