Monday, August 8, 2011

The Fabric Paper Dolls.... A How too.. Sort of.

I promised Rachel that I'd post this, so here ya go.

As I posted while we were in Boston, I was using some of my time wisely and working on Christmas gifts. These were one of them.

I'm not anywhere near done with all that I have but I am taking the time to post this here now before I forget and before school starts and I'm crazy hectic again. 

What you need to make these fabric Paper Dolls:

  • The Paper Doll fabric. It is available Here or here or several other fabric stores and even Ebay.
  • Fleece or flannel
  • Heat N Bond
  • Velcro

Using the heat and bond you want to bond the Paper doll fabric to the fleece/flannel.  This will make the dolls sturdier.  I used a combo of scraps of fleece an flannel I had.   On the fleece sets, I added a little bit of the "hook" velcro to the tabs of the clothes to help them stay on.  The flannel didn't have a problem sticking for me.

After the fabrics are together, cut out closely and have fun.


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