Tuesday, August 9, 2011


School starts next week, so I'm pulling out the bento gear again!

This year we got a few new boxes. Here's two of them. Isabella's is the Pink Minnie, Caitlyn's is the purple sleeping beauty.

These were just some snack bentos. 

Isabella has on the left side, half of a white peach and part of a Pluot, Right side: Babybel white chedder, a few cashews, half a hot dog, and some wheat thins stix. 

Caitlyn has on the left, half a white peach, part of a Pluot, Right side: half a hot dog, chedder cubes on pics and some cashews and wheat thin stix.


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  1. LOVE IT! We had snack bentos today ... seriously, so glad I discovered the bento world. My kids will eat better out of a little box then off of a dinner plate!