Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little Christmas Craftiness....

I'm pretty sure the people these are for, won't ever find my blog, so its safe to share!

Last weekend we worked on some christmas crafts and goodies. We met up with Jessica and Andrew, baby Hannah stayed with her grandma, and we worked on a couple gifts.

First up were these beauties.

Caity's are the multi colored ones, while Izzie and Calleigh's were smaller silver balls. I love how they turned out.

I've printed off this poem to attach to them before we give them out as gifts!

Caitlyn's Snowmen

These aren't just 5 snowmen

as anyone can see...

I made them with my hand

which is a part of me.

Now every year at Christmastime

when you deck your halls,

you can look back and remember

Christmas 2010

when my hand was just this small!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Caitlyn (Of course Isabella and Calleigh's will have their names instead!)

While the handprints were drying, we made some salt dough ornaments. We let the kids use cookie cutters to make the shapes they wanted. Some of them, we mixed glitter into the dough before cutting out.

They all turned out super cute!


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