Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Izzie Bee. Bella Boo. You are 7

When I was pregnant with you, Isabella, I was SO happy to be having another daughter. A sister for my Caitlyn. I don't think you and your sisters realize just how absolutely lucky you are to have each other. All mommy had was stinky ol brothers. The day you arrived, early, spontaneously, as if you had no intentions of sticking to the schedule you were supposed to, I should have learned. I should have known then that you were absoutly going to be the polar opposite of Caitlyn. Your personality has been clear from day one. You, my dear, are absolutely goign to be famous (or infamous) if you set your mind to it. You are a dreamer, you have such a vivid imagination. I love how deep you feel, I love how sympathetic you are. I love your wild side, I love your sassy side, and I love that you can be DOWNRIGHT Girly then want to turn around and jump in a mud puddle in your Sunday best. I love that you don't let anyone hold you back. You are not afraid to stick up for yourself, but you are not a bully either. I love that you get upset over the silliest things. I remember when you are R were not getting along at school and instead of being upset over the fact that R told you you could not play with him and his friends, you simply told me that you were mad because He didn't say PLEASE. Don't lose your spirit. Don't lose your creativity. May they both ever grow as you do. Love you sweetums. Love you so much. Photobucket

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