Thursday, January 9, 2014


School was cancelled today due to ice. After a week of temps in below the teens and even down to 9 Degrees, we finally got some precipitation.

The roads seem clear enough and Jay was able to get into work this morning, so I'm pretty sure that girlies will be returning to school tomorrow. Here's hoping at least.

But for the day, we are getting the house in order after break. The girls are breaking in their new Chore system.

The cats are lying around and the Dogs are both enjoying the back yard.

It's back to the laundry room for me.

Weekend Plans for us:

  •  I'm babysitting Ethan so we'll be stuck at home. 
  • Caity wants to finish the fleece blanket craft kit she got, so we'll probably all take a few squares to knot together.  
  • Bella wants to make some bracelets, so we'll pull out the rainbow loom and they'll all join in I'm sure. 
  • And Mommy is going to be baking!
I'll be reading, of course, when girlies are in bed and during nap time. Beyond that, who knows what the weekend will bring. 


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