Monday, October 28, 2013

And so begins...... The Christmas crafting.

Yep You read that right. In between all the other stuff I have going on, I've got a list out to there with craftiness to finish by Christmas. Will it be done? It better be!

First up -- I am crafting a Barn/Stables for Miss Calleigh and her "Ponies". This includes her horsies and her my little ponies.

I'm working the little details now as I'm waiting to acquire somethings I need for the stables/barn. So first up -- Buckets. Every barn/stable needs buckets to haul feed/water/etc.

These beauties are made out of paper clips and juice lids.

Then a few Feed bags.... These were just sewn out of burlap and stuffed with polyfill

And a few bales of Hay. (I need to glue the twine around them, but I have to find it first LOL) made out of foam and burlap.

Next on my list is a feeding trough. But I'm still working out the design for that in my head.


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