Monday, June 18, 2012


Our trip to Boston proved to be fruitful and full of Win! Caity's VUR is gone! GONE COMPLETELY! The pressures in her bladder have improved much. Our URO's plan is to have her off the daily antibiotics by the end of summer. We increased her ditripan to three times a day rather than two. But the biggest win of all -- We dropped from Catheterizing 3x a day to 3x a week! AWESOME SAUCE. If this keeps up, we will be done with catheters in another year or so (at least that is my hope) Her kidney is still holding steady in size, so no further damage and we assume still 13% function! In other Awesome sauce news, we got to meet up with B in Boston and hang out with her. Shopping, girl talk, a drink or two, and gossip. And she won over Caitlyn by supplying her with a movie and a dragon. We'll be back in Boston in a Year! And after that, who knows! Now, we'll just keep praying Calleigh's kidneys do not go the way of Caity's. Photobucket

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