Saturday, September 10, 2011


We got the awesome opportunity from MomSelect and Zhu Babies to try out some new products. We celebrated Calleigh's birthday and then later got together with a few friends and enjoyed our new products! All of the kids had a blast.

We were sent the following
* 5 Zhu babies (each different)
* 2 Zhu babies outfits
* Zhu Zhu Babies activity playset
* Mrs. Lullaby Zhu Zhu pet

The girls -- LOVED it. From age 2 - 7 it was a complete hit.

The nursery center with Mrs Lullaby

They loved the way the zhu zhu powered the nursery center

She would not even let me clear the table off before jumping in

could not wait to play

The babies, I let each girl pick their fave

The outfits are so cute. The kids fought over dressing their baby. Will have to get more

The nursery center was easily put together and took maybe 10 minutes to do. 

All 5 girls enjoyed the Zhu Zhu party.  They thought it was so cool how the zhu zhu powered the nursery center and moved the beds and rocked the dog.  Giggles galore filled my house as they enjoyed their new toys.

The zhu babies are so cute.  We also loved the clothes and had fun changing their looks with the outfits.

Be sure to check out all the products the Zhuniverse has to offer  here

Look next week for a  giveaway post.  Thanks!

MomSelect/Zhu Zhu Pets provided us with the items. The opinions expressed are mine and the fun had was my chidlren's.


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