Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It wasn't all Dr visits and Hospitals

while in Boston, we also took her out for a good time. And New experiences!

For the first time ever, she got to

  • Ride a Train (SUBWAY)
  • Ride a Ferry
  • Fly (well okay, she did that before, but she was 10 months old and doesn't remember)
  • Try Lobster (she didn't like it)
  • Ride a Public Transportation Bus (and get lost doing so, Thanks Daddy!) 

She also got to
Cross over the bridge to get to the Navy Shipyard

See the USS Constitution

Look out at the water from the USS Constitiution

See the Harbor Seals Playing outside the Aquarium

Ferry Ride -- She loved it!

Touch a starfish

Watch sea turtles pushing eachother around

Touch Rays

And Sharks

And Climb Super Duper High

We visited USS Constituion Museum & the real Ship , New England Aquarium, Boston Children's Museum and Boston Museum of Science

I'll be posting more pictures of our adventures in the days to come.


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