Tuesday, January 25, 2011


today you are 17 Months old, Calleigh

AT 17 Months you:

  • Walk, Run, climb (like a monkey)
  • Eat pretty much anything you can get your hands on. 
  • weigh still 14 pounds
  • But you are very tall in comparison. 
  • You have very little hair, but what you do have looks like it will curl.
  • you have 10 teeth (including 4 molars!)
  • You have a distinct attitude (much like Caity's was) 
  • You love to play by yourself most of the time and get aggravated with sisters who don't know when to leave you alone. 
  • LOVE vanilla milk.  
  • Say about 25 words including Mama, Dada, Sissy, cat, dog, frog, bee, toy, up, milk, moo, and woof But you don't talk often. 
  • You LOVE to hum/sing all the time. You are always making some kind of noise

Keeping it real, peeps, that's Calleigh screaming her head off after busting her lip after a fight with the floor.


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